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When Kordspace first began 10 years ago, it was all about making websites affordable for small business owners. We are still committed to that cause — but have shifted our focus future forward into Web 3. We help business owners easily connect with their customers by using an application platform approach which allows people to build a community around their brand.

Simple Proof
Creating trustless proof-of-everything oracle systems for the banking industry using DLT (blockchain) and DAG. 


CattleProof enables producers to generate a secure and unique digital record of their livestock, known as a non-fungible token. This provides 100% verifiable proof of ownership and transparency into a complete living record of the animal throughout its lifecycle. It creates an immutable trail of data that provides access to new financial tools which decrease costs and increase efficiencies.

Our Onboarding Process

Artificial Intelligence is core to building, refining, and reporting on business intelligence within the app. It reports on companies via the process below.

Scrapes publicly available company records, including tax records, and publicly reported revenue in IRS files.


Forms specific company user profiles based on records mentioned above and from 34 other dimensions integrated with Lusha, a B2B company detail acquirement tool.


Creates risk analysis score for doing business with that client and verifies partners of the company and their influence.


Produces a regression model to identify potential risks associated with the company.

Meet Our Team

Our team is well-seasoned and excited about your this project! We take pride in our work and never cut corners when it comes to quality and security.

Vincent Haliburton

CEO & Co-Founder

Marco Lopes

CTO & Co-Founder

Olivia Randolph

UX / UI Designer

Joseph Schiarizzi

xDai Solidity Developer

Alex Eickelman

Fullstack React Developer

Bao Nguyen

Solidity Developer

CU Boulder BA Degree in Computer Science, with a focus on Python, C#, JavaScript, Flask, & Solidity, our newest member of the team!

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